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Thanks again for your help last year – the last four months would have been much more difficult without the financial "cushion" you helped me to secure. I hope our paths may cross again sometime – though, of course, in more positive circumstances than on the previous two occasions. B

Many and profuse belated thanks for your recent support. I feel so much more positive about work now; I don't feel I'm being bullied into doing more than I feel happy with. Your kindness and tact was greatly appreciated. T

Can I take the opportunity to say thanks for all your work, and in particular for the help and support I received from Kath Owen, your Advice and Representation officer. All the best for the future. M

Thank-you, once again, for your invaluable help in securing what was undoubtedly the best deal possible out of a difficult situation: I really appreciate this. Whilst I hope that our paths may cross again in the future, I'm sure you will understand it when I say that I trust this is not because I am in further need of your services! B

Thank you. I have been a member of BASW for some time and have had reason to use a representative, Mrs Jane Lindsay (Scotland BASW). Jane has been a great source of support and has been there for me through an extremely difficult time.

I am extremely appreciative of all her hard work and dedication. I would just like to say thank-you and to recognise what commitment comes from your representatives, from an emotional, legal and practical side – even the time taken and distances travelled to wide geographical areas. Without this support I really don’t know how I would have managed or got through that difficult time. E

When I was informed, by my service manager, that I was the subject of a management investigation I felt devastated and extremely alone. I felt extremely ill informed about the process and my rights and I had no clue of where to start or what to do. BASW was the only place I could think of for support...and I was correct!

I was shocked and impressed at the response I received from my initial call, reassurance that I was not alone and I would be supported through the whole process. I was offered a telephone appointment the same afternoon (and received an apology that the morning slots were already booked up), and assured that I would receive whatever help I needed. Due to the lack of personal space in our office I was actually making the call in the ladies’ bathroom and the support and reassurance I received actually led me to tears in relief.

The duty call came on the dot and the duty worker was extremely informative and again, very supportive and reassuring.

On the day of the interview I was extremely anxious and afraid of the consequences; however, your presence made all of the difference. I am sure the investigation team sat up straighter in their chairs when you walked in! Every step of the way you ensured I was happy to proceed and that I answered as fully and correctly as possible. This was extremely reassuring and comforting.

After the interview we even had a cup of tea as a bonus! Again you were extremely informative, reassuring and also amusing! I felt very safe and reassured at the end of the interview and my anxiety was massively reduced. I felt that if the worst happened (termination of employment), I would still have you and your team on my side, and that was a huge contrast to initially feeling so alone and isolated.

I apologise I cannot remember the names of both the ladies I spoke to, although I know one was Lily. To Lily and the other lady, I thank you both sincerely for your warmth, reassurance and support.

I am sure your team will continue to support lonely social workers in need, and I feel your service is wonderful. I have recommended you all to everyone in my service! C

I would like to express my gratitude for ARAS' support and clear advice during a very difficult time. H

Just a quick note to say thank you in assisting CB and ourselves with a positive outcome. It is evident that you have worked hard with CB and that has been appreciated in helping CB and the authority to move forward. L (employer)

I thank your duty team for the good advice and assistance that I received during the restructuring of my job. As you can see from the attached, was able to maintain my job so things have remained the same for me and I would be happy for my case to be closed, marking up another success for BASW. C

May I take this opportunity to thank you for the sympathetic response I received from your duty officer at a time when I was very distressed, vulnerable and fearful for my future. I have been a committed social worker for the last 37 years and it would have been devastating to lose my job under any circumstances. I feel much more secure knowing BASW are there to support and represent me if I need it. M

I am writing to thank the Advice & Representation Service for the excellent support I received from BASW in respect of the conduct proceedings instigated against me by the GSCC. The allegations against me were completely withdrawn by the council last month, just a couple of weeks before the scheduled conduct hearing and following 18 months of "investigation".

There were no doubt numerous factors underpinning this surprise 11th hour decision, but without doubt, a very significant factor was the thoroughness with which my BASW representative, Martin Weinbren, prepared for the case and carefully marshalled the witness/character statements on my behalf.

From the outset, Martin was very straight with me and very clear in his thinking about how best to approach the allegations. 
I just wanted to acknowledge Martin's valued contribution to what turned out to be a very positive outcome after a long drawn out GSCC investigation and months of worry. He is a real asset to the service. B

I just wanted to say thank you for your input to the negotiation with P [name of employer removed], without which I am sure I would not have managed. I am sure that your skilled and knowledgeable approach has helped a great deal to get this settlement. We are both pleased with the outcome and look forward to finalising things with P, especially as it has not been an easy time for me. Thank you once again Marcia, you are a 'Star'. A

The support I received was invaluable. I am proud to be a member of BASW and will continue to recommend this reputable organisation to colleagues. A

I would just like to reiterate that I very much valued my representative Dave Allen's input during the lengthy disciplinary process (April 2009 - January 2010) and the even more protracted GSCC investigatory process.

It was very beneficial to have an experienced social worker representing me. Dave seemed to quickly understand the complexities of the case. He provided clear and concise guidance and remained calm and focused in a very emotional and stressful time for me.

My colleague and I were exonerated at the GSCC hearing; Dave and, latterly, Lily Robertson's excellent insight and knowledge into employment law and the workings of GSCC hearings were extremely valuable. I do not feel that it is an exaggeration to say that Dave and Lily have no doubt helped to save my career. I owe Dave a considerable debt of gratitude for his patience and perseverance.

I have been happy to recommend membership of BASW to any social work colleagues as I believe it provides a very effective, professional advice and representation service to social workers. S

I lost my Employment Tribunal so you will know that I'm not writing this from a 'euphoric’ point of view. Jeremy supported me through three hearings and an appeal letter and I never cease to be grateful that he did. He phoned me too, and throughout this and the hearings had a very calm and reassuring manner which I much appreciated, being very short of sleep and very stressed indeed. This was just what I needed and would have wanted.

In summary I would say that Jeremy had both a professional manner and a personal warmth that was really helpful to me and very appropriate. Also, he always kept to the arrangements. L

I cannot find adequate words to describe my gratitude to Colin Anderson and to Lyse Hurd for their valuable help and support in my recent difficulties.

At a time when I was at a very low ebb, facing a horrible work situation and recovering from major surgery, Colin showed me some light at the end of the tunnel in suggesting a feasible way forward. For the first time in weeks I began to see there could be a way forward.

Today Lyse came to a meeting with me and before, during and after the meeting she was simply great. She had summed up the situation brilliantly, gave some sound and pertinent advice to the Local Authority and was hugely reassuring to me. I have left the meeting with the best resolution I could have achieved and people saying they have learned lessons. I can only hope they have!

I have received an apology and the promise of a written agreement that this whole, extremely badly-handled incident will not adversely reflect on me/my reputation in future.

The support from Colin and Lyse was first rate and I am extremely grateful. Thank goodness SWU was there when I needed it!

With thanks and with best wishes to SWU for all your work. K