About the Social Workers Union

The Social Workers Union is a trade union dedicated to social work professionals. It has an arms-length relationship with BASW and there is no additional charge, on top of your BASW membership, for opting in to be a member of the Social Workers Union.

All our case officers are qualified and experienced social workers with specialist legal skills.

We support members with swift, practical advice or prolonged legal assistance for both internal and external matters, including conduct hearings with regulatory councils. As a member, you get telephone advice from the moment you join us. After three months in membership, we are able to represent you at employment and Care Council hearings.

We are the only organisation that also provides these services to students.

To find out more about how to join (if you’re not already a BASW member) or to opt-in (for existing BASW members) click here

* Representation excludes pre-existing issues and is not available to retired and overseas members.