This webinar will provide a little background about what BASW's Advice and Representation Service offers, how it has developed and how it is operating under current conditions including discussing some of the issues raised by members during the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Download the "Specialist Employment and Regulatory Support for Social Workers webinar" PowerPoint Presentation.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand how the A&R Service works
  • To understand what types of services A&R provides (pre-pandemic)
  • To include employment issues
  • To include Regulatory Body issues
  • To discuss ways that the service has changed recently (post-pandemic)
  • What are we able to do now?
  • To understand the themes that members are facing post-pandemic
  • To understand how the A&R service, whether it be through BASW or SWU can provide support during the pandemic
    • Advice
    • Guidance
    • Representation 
Specialist Employment and Regulatory Support for Social Workers webinar


Lien Watts is the Head of BASW’s Advice and Representation Service (A&R) and also The Assistant General Secretary of The Social Workers Union (SWU).  She studied for a generic social work qualification but went on to specialise in Children and Families social work – Safeguarding and permanence in particular, and this is where her career remained focussed. Lien has worked in statutory social work as well as the third sector and as an Independent Social Worker prior to joining BASW as a A&R representative and SWU Trade union Official.

Lyse Hurd is a representative in the A&R service.  She is a qualified and registered social worker with a background in child protection.  However, as with all of our reps, she has enhanced her knowledge in other areas of social work.  Lyse represents in employment issues as well as at regulatory bodies.

Julie Long is an Advice & Representation Officer and Trade Union Representative.  Julie’s background is in child safeguarding and children with disabilities.

Laura Sheridan is the midlands rep for the A&R Service. Laura is a qualified, registered social worker with a varied background in child and adult services in the public, private and voluntary sector.