Social Work Knowledge

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Social Work Knowledge is BASW’s unique new resource for social workers
looking for the information they need to advance their professional development.

Social Work Knowledge features an easily searchable database hosting
thousands of useful resources relevant to social workers of all disciplines.

Social Work Knowledge features a tool designed to allow social workers to easily
add details about the information they have viewed to an online record which can
then be used to support your re-registration process wherever you are in the UK.

A wealth of information linked to your practice, area of interest or location, Social Work Knowledge is designed with social workers in mind.

Social Work Knowledge can help:
• Social workers keen to find out more about a specific area of practice
• Social workers looking to enhance their professional development for maintaining their registration with the regulatory body for their UK country
• Social workers wanting to find out more about the latest policy developments
• Social workers undertaking post-graduate study, in the workplace or through a higher education institution
• Social work students on degree level or Masters courses
• Social work educators exploring issues relevant to their students

How to access Social Work Knowledge

The simplest and quickest way to access the array of resources is to click on Explore Social Work Knowledge on the bottom left of the homepage or visit

Social Work Knowledge is a constantly changing library of content and we welcome any suggestions about documents or useful information social workers feel it should include. Please get in touch by emailing

Some content is restricted to BASW members only. If you aren’t a BASW member, joining couldn’t be simpler – visit to find out how.

BASW members just need to log-in by visiting and signing in at the top right of the screen.

If you haven’t registered, you just need to click on ‘Register’ (again, you can find this near the top right of the screen) and then sign up by inputting your name and membership number.

How to use Social Work Knowledge

Click on Latest to see new additions by publication date.

Each resource has a detailed summary, so you can assess the usefulness of the publication before downloading. There are details of the publisher, copyright and date of publication in the About tab.

If there are any Related resources these are displayed in a list.

There is an option to join in a Forum discussion about the information you have viewed and a form to record details for your CPD or PRTL requirements – just print it off and to send to your regulator. For these latter two features you need to be logged in as a member (see top right of home page).

The Issues and Campaigns tabs bring together Resources, News, Useful Links, Events and People on a range of hot topics and BASW campaigns. Click on the Show Summary tab to view details.

The Themes tag gives access to Social Work Knowledge’s subject headings. You can see all resources in a specific theme or view by category.

Finally, you can Search Resources by keywords or Search all Content. The latter provides a Google search of the whole BASW website.

For more detailed searching go to the Social Work Knowledge tab on the Menu Bar. Here you can search our extensive list of Useful Links, search for resources by type, search by author, publisher, theme and country and a combination of these.

Please note that the default date for searching is one year, to search the whole database change the date field to Any Time.


If you have any questions or concerns relating to Social Work Knowledge, please email