The Social Workers’ Benevolent Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees who are all volunteers. The trustees provide leadership to the charity and are responsible for its financial and legal governance.

At present our board has a balance of women and men; however, it largely reflects white, European culture.  We are keen to develop the board in order that it can more fully reflect the UK social work community.  Therefore we are particularly keen to hear from social workers from the breadth of communities, including the BAME communities, that come together in our social work family.

About us

SWBT was established to provide support to social workers facing hardship. We do this by providing grants to qualified social workers who are facing hardship themselves or for their dependents. We also aim to educate the public on the hardships faced by social workers in their own lives.

Meetings are held 6 times a year online to allocate grants, plus 2 face to face business meetings in Birmingham when possible. Trustees have online access to the grant applications prior to the meetings and are expected to make comments on them to ease the decision making at the meeting. Travel expenses are paid for face to face meetings.

About you

Do you have compassion for your fellow social workers? Do you want to understand better the personal challenges faced by social workers across the UK as they also try to do their jobs?

Being a trustee can provide you with new opportunities to develop your own knowledge and skills, which can enhance your career, while also helping your colleagues in the profession.

Do you think you can support and reflect the values and aims of the Trust?

About being a trustee

Being a trustee carries legal responsibilities which you should understand taking up the position. Trustees are not expected to be experts in every area, even across the whole board, but they are expected to take due care in their decision making.

The Reach Volunteering website has a guide, “Become a Trustee”, which is a good place to start. You may also want to read the guidance given by The Charity Commission for more information.


For more information, please contact one of our co-chairs:

Susan.Roxburgh and

An application form can be obtained from our website at

Deadline for applications: 6 June 2021

Charity number: 262889