Social Work Deep Dive – with host Monalesia Earle (BSW, MSSW, MA, PhD), is a new bi-monthly show dedicated to having honest conversations about issues of concern to social workers. This podcast was born out of important discussions held in reflective sessions with social workers, all of whom are trained volunteer coaches with the Social Work Professional Support Service (SWPSS).

Monalesia Earle
Monalesia Earle

The host has over three decades of experience in various social work roles and is currently the Lead Trainer and Supervisor for the Social Work Professional Support Service, which provides free and confidential coaching to social workers across the UK. This podcast series will explore a range of topics of importance to social workers and their professional colleagues. We will have deep and honest conversations about: suicide ideation, self-harm, shame, burnout, and guilt’; ‘Social work through a Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic lens’; experiences of LGBTQI youth in the care system; and many other topics of interest. There will be occasional guest speakers, but all podcasts will be co-hosted by the SWPSS volunteer coaches who work in, and/or around, the issues being discussed.

Episode 1 – Speaking Our Truth: social workers opening up about self-harm, suicide ideation, shame, burnout, and guilt. (Co-host: Annie MacIver and Michaela Horan) 

In this first podcast we consider the psychological impact of self-harming behaviour, suicide ideation, shame, burnout, and guilt in the social work profession. There is sometimes an implicit message that social workers should be resilient, self-reliant, professional, and able to get on with their work in the face of extreme challenges. This episode explores what it means to work in a profession that often places unrealistic expectations on social workers without enough consideration for their emotional well-being, and what we, as colleagues and coaches, can do about it.

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