The BASW England adult social work group are currently working on a number of areas impacting upon social work and social workers supporting adults. This has included lobbying around and supporting the implementation of the Mental Capacity Amendment Act 2019. The group continue to develop a response to the long awaiting adult social care green paper which has included developing ideas around the future of adult social care. The group have collaboratively developed a number of good practice guides, capability statements and continuing professional development pathways for social work with adults and webinars.

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BASW England consultation on the future of adult social care

The BASW England Adults Group has been discussing social care reform since the announcement in 2018 that a Green Paper on Adult Social Care would be published. Many of the ideas that have been developed were outlined in the BASW England submission to the Parliamentary Health and Social Care Committee.

What follows outlines what has been agreed by BASW England about how social care should be reformed, but the debate continues and the BASW England Adults Group welcome your views:

Ten reforms we would like to see in social care - see attached document

Background and context

In response to the announcement in 2017 that the Green Paper on Adult Social Care would be published, BASW England established a task and finish group to develop a position on behalf of BASW England members – the task and finish group is a subgroup of the adult social work group (formerly the Policy, Practice and Education Group PPEG).  This formal response is in relation to a consultation seeking the views of BASW England members regarding the delayed Adult Social Care Green Paper and the future of adult social care.

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly accepted that a major review of adult social care in England is required to respond to the increase in proportion of the population with care and support needs. How we support people to have a dignified and hopeful life is a test of society’s moral worth. We all hope to have a level of wellbeing at least as good as that of most others around us and to be in control of our own life. That is why wellbeing and a person-centred approach to social work are central to this consultation response based on the vision of the Care Act 2014.

The Green Paper task and finish group considered various difficulties arising within adult social care and the impact upon social workers and adults’ experience of social work and what needs to change. Throughout these discussions, various viewpoints have arisen regarding the solutions to the difficulties within the current system. This response is informed by existing evidence in relation to adult social care and includes a four-step approach developed by social workers for social workers and the people who rely on the social care system. BASW recognises that this approach is untested, however, seeks to use the outcome of this consultation to initiate debate within the health and social care sector.

Consultation response:

BASW England adult social work group responded to the Parliamentary Health & Social Care Committee Social care: funding and workforce Inquiry 30 July 2020

The full BASW England consultation analysis of The Future of Adult Social Care was published in August 2020, setting out how the response was used to inform the submission to the Parliamentary Health and Social Care Committee Social care: funding and workforce inquiry. To find out more about BASW England’s position on the future of social care, including ideas developed from the member consultation then please read the submission.