Join BASW Online

We’d just like to tell you a few things before you start :

  • BASW’s membership year runs from October to September. If you’re joining us part way through the membership year and want to pay annually, rather than on a monthly basis, a pro-rata fee will be applied.
  • Membership of the Social Workers Union (SWU) now has an annual fee of up to £20, as decided by the SWU Executive, and we are collecting an annual levy of £2 for the International Development Fund (IDF), as agreed at the BASW AGM 2014.
  • BASW members who do not wish to sign up to SWU can access our all of our advice services immediately but will only be entitled to be represented by our Advice and Representation team at regulatory body hearings once you’ve been with us for over 3 months (except for pre-existing cases or issues that occur within the first three months’ of membership).
  • BASW members who sign up to SWU and pay the additional membership fee will be entitled to access all the services above plus those provided through trade union membership, including representation at internal employment related hearings.
  • Please note that any promotional discounts apply to your base membership only and not to any “additional membership options” such as journals or our “Independents” packages.
  • Promotional discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offer.
  • If you live and work outside the UK, please e-mail our team at

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