Share your experience with the Covid-19 vaccination programme

Accessing the Covid-19 vaccine as a social worker 

The distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine is predominantly managed by various local health services and this is creating inconsistent experiences. As a fast-moving situation including the expanding vaccination hub services, BASW continues to observe developments to inform our guidance for members and follow up with relevant stakeholders. 

To help monitor the situation and update our information for the wider membership in this ever-changing situation, we are welcoming social workers to get in touch with their experiences in both successfully and unsuccessfully accessing the vaccine.

Please provide your membership number so that a letter may be sent to you. Alternatively, email your request to
We are keen to contact individuals to further discuss their experiences and disseminate more information as it becomes available. If you would like to be contacted, please provide your email address here: (this is for BASW purposes and will not be shared with third parties)