As of 17 June, the following guidance remains in place:

Advice for People on the Highest Risk List (updated 5 May 2022)

The Scottish Government has announced that the highest risk list will end on 31 May 2022. Guidance has been issued for people who are no longer at higher risk.

Self isolation arrangements for social work/care staff (updated 17 January 2022) 

Updated guidance for social work/care staff on self isolation arrangements for close contacts of positive covid-19 cases. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19): safe and ethical social work practice - ( (updated 28 January 2022) 

Guidance for social workers on home visits and direct contact interviews with service users.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): residential childcare (updated 28 January 2022) 

Guidance for residential children’s houses, residential schools, secure care, and residential respite/short break facilities on staffing, social distancing and self-isolation

Coronavirus (COVID-19): looked after children and young people - family contact - ( (updated 28th January 2022) 

Guidance for managers, social workers and social care providers arranging contact between looked after and accommodated children and young people and their families in both local authority premises, community settings and in some circumstances, a private dwelling.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): offices guidance ( (updated 1st February 2022) 

Employers are being encouraged to consider a hybrid approach to working. Guidance has therefore been updated for working in an office environment.

Covid-19 additional child protection guidance (21st December 2021) 

This updated document provides supplementary guidance on child protection during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is provided for all involved in protecting children in Scotland and should be read in conjunction with the National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2021. Letter from Minister for Children & Young People on Covid-19 additional child protection guidance. 

Letter from the Chief Medical Officer to people on the highest risk list (December 2021)

Read this letter from the CMO outlining the latest guidance for people who are at high risk from becoming seriously unwell from Covid-19. 

Letter from the Cabinet Secretary for Health & Social Care on discharge from hospital (19th December 2021) 

Correspondence from Humza Yousaf, Cabinet Secretary for Health & Social Care, outlining advice for NHS Boards and Health & Social Care Partnerships on discharge from hospital. SASW finds the content within it deeply concerning in terms of people's rights. SASW expects this letter will be signed by either the Chief Officer of the relevant H&SC Partnership or the NHS CEO. We understand that local areas will agree who is most suitable.  A number of areas already have a version of this that may have a gentler tone that they may continue to use. We understand that, within Scottish Government, the issues around discharge are recognised and that social care and social work are not being blamed but that availability of social care is the real factor and has been for some time. Scottish Government has developed this letter is in anticipation of potential 24% absence rates due to Omicron and also to create capacity in hospitals for the pending emerging Omicron cases. We have raised our concerns around pressure being put on individuals and families and that issues of capacity, legal process and rights are not addressed in this letter. You can find key messages from the Mental Welfare Commission on discharge from hospital, including links to research, here. BASW has updated its ethical guidance for social workers when services are unable to cope. Read it here

Vaccination Booking Link 

The COVID-19 vaccine booster dose will help extend the protection gained from the first two doses and give longer term protection for individuals, vulnerable people and beyond. It's even more important to get the booster in light of the omicron variant.  SASW understands government is looking for opportunities to streamline the vaccination process for health and social care staff and we are actively raising this on behalf of members. We will keep you posted on any progress. 

Where to get lateral flow tests 

Rapid lateral flow tests are for people who do not have coronavirus (Covid-19) symptoms. Find out where to get lat flow tests in your local area, and more information on PCR testing. 

Coronavirus (Covid-19) information on contact tracing in Scotland

Contact tracing is a process for identifying people at risk of Coronavirus (Covid-19) infection because they've been physically close enough to a person who has tested positive. 

Daily LFD test for staff across adult services (in addition to weekly PCR testing) (15th December 2021) 

 Read the Scottish Government letter to care homes here. Read the Scottish Government letter to care at home day services and support housing, here

Further Changes to MHTS In-Person Hearing Arrangements (15th December 2021) 

Owing to the recent emergence of the Omicron variant of coronavirus, MHTS requires to alter its curent arrangements for hearings. At present, there are eight hospitals where in-person hearings are being arranged, if that appears to reflect the patient's preference. From now on, they will remain able to offer in-person hearings only in those particular hospitals and only where there are factors which, objectively, indicate that a teleconference hearing would present particular difficulties for a patient. For the remaining cases, as with hearings in all other venues in Scotland, teleconferencing will again become the norm. 

Information on discharge from hospital: key messages from the mental welfare commission (December 2021) 

SASW has put together this short briefing note, that links to key messages and guidance from the mental welfare commission on discharge from hospital. 

Free Peer Support Service for Social Workers 

The Social Work Professional Support Service offers peer to peer support for social workers across Scotland to talk through issues and develop their career, by working with a trained coach. Get in touch here to access the service. You can then choose a coach that best suits your needs and set up a session at a time that is convenient for you. 

Guidance for independent health and social care workforce frontline workers on vaccination access. 

Guidance for bank, agency and locum staff (used in NHS, Social Care, Care Homes) and Health adn Social Care Students on Placements on the vaccination programme. 

Guidance to support social workers respond to Covid-19, SSSC. 

Please use alongside local policies and procedures which are the main source of information for your role and setting.

Coronavirus (COVID-9): adult care home visitor testing guidance

Coronavirus (COVID-19) adult care home lateral flow testing guidance which forms part of the Test and Protect Pathways Programme.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): getting tested in Scotland 

Guidance on coronavirus testing, including who is eligible for a test, how to get tested and the different types of test available

Coronavirus (COVID-19): vaccination guidance for health and social care professionals 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on COVID-19 vaccinations for health and social care professionals.

Adult social care winter preparedness 

The Scottish Government has published the Adult Social Care Winter Preparedness Plan 2020-21. The plan sets out the measures already in place that must be retained and those that need to be introduced across the adult social care sector over winter 2020-21.

Update for justice social work services 

On 23 October 2020, the Scottish Government published a new Strategic Framework, setting out levels of intervention to be adopted in the future – either locally, or across Scotland – depending on continued monitoring of COVID-19 data. This came into effect on 02 November 2020.

NHS National Services Scotland (NSS) has set up a helpline to deal with social care supplies during COVID-19

At the moment, the helpline is to be used only in cases where there is an urgent supply shortage and a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19.  This will be reviewed regularly in the coming days and weeks. Care service providers can reach the NHS NSS triage centre by calling 0300 303 3020.

Scottish Government PPE Action Plan

Find out about the Scottish Government's PPE Action Plan. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19): shielding guidance for local authorities and local resilience partnerships 

Guidance for local authorities and resilience partnerships on delivering support services for those who are clinically at the highest risk from COVID-19.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance on self directed support

Joint Scottish Government and CoSLA guidance on self-directed support options 1 and 2 for local authority and Health and Social Care Partnership staff for use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance on domestic abuse 

Guidance on domestic abuse to support the Health Protection (Coronavirus) (International Travel) (Scotland) Regulations 2020 and Scottish Government guidance. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19): clinical and practice guidance for adult care homes 

National clinical and practice guidance (updated 15 May 2020) to support those working in adult care homes in Scotland during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Prioritisation matrix for key workers to be tested 

Prioritisation matrix for key workers to be tested during lockdown phase of COVID-19 response.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): adult support and protection guidance 

Additional national adult support and protection guidance for chief officers and adult protection committees relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): unpaid carers providing personal care

Using PPE to help prevent the spread of the virus for people who visit or live with a friend/family and provide help with washing or dressing.

Guidance on changes to social care assessments

Statutory guidance for local authorities on sections 16 and 17 of the Coronavirus Act 2020. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) adults with incapacity guidance 

Advice on temporary changes to adults with incapacity guidance. 

Seasonal Flu Immunisation - Stakeholder and and Partner Toolkit 

With covid-19 around, its more important than ever to get the free flu vaccine. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Local Advice and Measures 

Travel advice and guidance relating to local outbreaks or clusters of coronavirus cases, including Aberdeen City.

Connections for Wellbeing and Contact Framework

Social Work Scotland, in collaboration with SASW, Children's Hearings Scotland, CELCIS and others, produced this framework for decision-makers to ensure children in public care maintain connection with family during COVID-19.

Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) COVID-19 Guidance 

The Scottish Intercolleagiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) has been publishing and hosting important national clinical guidance on COVID-19 for health and care practitioners in Scotland, in partnership with Scottish Government and other stakeholders. 

Support from Iriss during COVID-19

Iriss are offering responsive technical help to those working in social services during the pandemic, as well as publishing support, to help people as they adapt to making greater use of technology at this unprecedented time. 

National Wellbeing Hub for people working in Health and Social Care

The Hub is a partnership between national, local and professional bodies with a shared passion for looking after the emotional and psychological wellbeing of our country’s health and social services workers.

Guidance to help social workers respond to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

The SSSC have produced an information hub to support social workers across all specialisms during COVID-19. 

Support for families in the Perinatal Period in the context of COVID-19

A list of helpul resources for social workers working in the field of perinatal mental health during COVID-19. 

Help for Key Workers Scotland

The SASW team are developing a list of businesses and organisations offering discounted services and offers to key workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

National and International Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources from Iriss

This page provides Scottish, UK-wide and international resources that will support social services practitioners and employers. These resources includes guides and articles to keep you informed and help you manage through the Coronavirus crisis. 

COVID-19 Coronavirus Information Point for Children's Care and Protection 

CELCIS have published important guidance, information and resources for children in need of care and protection, their families, and those supporting them. 

SASW briefing to MSPs on the Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill

Read the briefing we sent to MSPs outlining our key concerns in the Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill. 

Letter from Scottish Government on Supplementary National Childcare Guidance 

Read the letter to key professional groups from John Swinney, Deputy First Minister, Iona Colvin, Chief Social Work Adviser, Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer and Fiona McQueen Chief Nursing Officer. 

Letter from Scottish Government on social care key workers 

Read the letter to Local Authority Chief Executives, IJB Chief Officers, IJB Finance Officers and Chief Social Work Officers from the Cabinet Secretary for Health & Sport, Jeane Freeman MSP and Councillor Stuart Currie, COSLA Health & Sport Spokesperson. 

SASW pens open letter to Scottish Government (dated 30th March 2020)

Read the open letter SASW has written to the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, Jeane Freeman, MSP and the Minister for Children and Young People, Maree Todd, MSP seeking clarity and support on 5 key areas for social workers during the coronavirus crisis. 

Coronavirus COVID-19 SASW Update (dated 25th March 2020)

An update on the latest activity the team in Scotland have been doing behind the scenes on behalf of members during the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. 

SASW statement on the Coronavirus bill 

Read the press comment from SASW National Director, Alistair Brown in response to the Coronavirus Bill. 

COVID-19: Information and Guidance for Social or Community Care and Residential Settings (udpated 16th March 2020)

This guidance is to give advice about COVID-19 (previously known as novel coronavirus 2019) for those working in social or community care and residential settings.

Coronavirus COVID-19 SASW Update (dated 13th March 2020)

The response to the Covid-19 outbreak continues to move at pace. The COBRA 4 Nations meeting agreed to move from the Contain Phase to the Delay Phase, with a view to delaying the peak by a few weeks and reducing the severity of the peak by stretching it out over a longer period of time.