Coronavirus COVID-19 SASW Update (dated 25th March 2020)

An update on the latest activity the team in Scotland have been doing behind the scenes on behalf of members during the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. 

SASW statement on the Coronavirus bill 

Read the press comment from SASW National Director, Alistair Brown in response to the Coronavirus Bill. 

COVID-19: Information and Guidance for Social or Community Care and Residential Settings (udpated 16th March 2020)

This guidance is to give advice about COVID-19 (previously known as novel coronavirus 2019) for those working in social or community care and residential settings.

Coronavirus COVID-19 SASW Update (dated 13th March 2020)

The response to the Covid-19 outbreak continues to move at pace. The COBRA 4 Nations meeting agreed to move from the Contain Phase to the Delay Phase, with a view to delaying the peak by a few weeks and reducing the severity of the peak by stretching it out over a longer period of time. 

COVID-19: Information and Guidance for Non-Healthcare Settings in Scotland (dated 13th March 2020)

Health Protection Scotland have published the following guidance for Home Visits (including Primary Care, Third-Sector and Volunteers)