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Youth Index 2015

Our annual Youth Index, now in its seventh year, tracks the concerns of young people over time. It is clear from this year’s findings that young people
need our support as much as ever. Without it, many would be left isolated from their peers, the job market and society.

Shockingly, more than one in ten young people often feel unable to leave the house due to anxiety issues, while one in five admit in the survey to “falling apart” emotionally on a regular basis. These figures are bad enough, and yet the situation is worse still for unemployed young people.

More than half of unemployed young people feel anxious about everyday situations, with many telling us they avoid meeting new people and struggle to make eye contact. This not only has an impact on the social interactions of young people, it also affects their general health. Worryingly, more than a third report that anxiety has stopped them from looking after their health or eating properly.

This year’s report also shows that young people’s confidence in the future is at one of the lowest points the index has seen for seven years. Again, it is lower still for those who are unemployed.

These figures are troubling and so we must continue to work together – across public, private and charity sectors – to address the issues raised and ensure young people have the confidence and skills they need to move their lives forward.

The programmes run by The Prince’s Trust offer young people the opportunity to gain invaluable experience that will not only improve their future job prospects, but also boost their confidence and self-worth. I am always extremely proud to hear about the young people who have gone into further education, training or employment with the help of The Trust, but just as crucial are the stories of young people who have made new friends, learnt to believe in themselves again, and generally got their lives on track as a result of one of our programmes.

The Prince’s Trust helped more than 58,000 vulnerable young people last year and aim to help a similar number this year. By supporting us, together we can tackle the issues raised in this report and give young people the tools to reach their full potential.