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Young People in Mind: The Young People

The Young People in Mind project, funded by the Department of Education was delivered via a consortium of nine Youth Information, Advice and Counselling Services (YIACS) working across England led by Youth Access. The project had two key strands of activity: the first, to increase young people’s access to counselling and other psychological therapies; the second, to build the local YIACS’ capacity to engage with, and develop relationships with local statutory bodies.

This report focuses on the first area of Young People in Mind’s areas of activity by providing an insight into the young people who accessed the counselling and other psychological therapies offered during the year in which the project ran. This report complements a second report, ‘Young People in Mind: Transforming Service Delivery’1, which documents the work arising out of the project’s other area of activity. This second report captures the strategic role played by the local YIACS in promoting and developing better integrated mental health services for young people in their local areas.

Together, the two reports from the Young People in Mind project will provide policymakers, commissioners and providers with a practical insight into the range of young people’s needs met by YIACS, plus an indication of the outcomes achieved. The reports also show how investment in YIACS can bring an improved and integrated response to the delivery of local mental health and wellbeing support to young people; showing their particular value to young people as they move through late adolescence and into young adulthood.