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Workforce development for people with intellectual disabilities: One year on

Progress report on Kent, Surrey and Sussex Intellectual Disabilities workforce project

In the Workforce Development for People with Intellectual Disabilities - The report of the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Intellectual Disabilities Workforce Scoping Project published in March 2015 we said we wanted “to make sure that the workforce has access to education that provides the rights skill’s and values, in the right place at the right time”. We also set out a key outcome that we felt would be essential to support the success of the project in the long term which was for any work carried out to include sustainability and sharing at its heart.

In order to achieve this, the report made ten recommendations which we have refined, developed, and worked towards over the last year. This report provides:

  • An update on the recommendations
  • An overview of ID Workforce projects developments during 2015/16
  • A summary of ID Workforce projects planned for 2016/17

The 2015 reports recommendations were endorsed by our Governing Body. The programme continues to report to the local integrated programme board, in line with new requirements.

This report, produced on behalf of Health Education England’s Kent, Surrey and Sussex team, sets out what has been achieved to date.