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Winterbourne View: Transforming Care One Year On

Department of Health Update

Winterbourne View was a scandal which shocked and appalled us all. The systemic failings there are as bad as those uncovered by Robert Francis in his report into Mid Staffordshire. We are not looking at one or two poorly-trained or malicious members of staff but at something much more insidious. That is why we need this full programme of work to address all the different aspects and underlying causes which allowed this to happen. We must take every step to be as sure as we possibly can be that this will not happen again.

One key aspect to this is transparency, at every level. This report is a part of that transparency. It does not pretend that we have solved every problem, or even met every milestone in the extensive programme of work we put in place. We are involved with a wide range of partners across the health and care sectors and making full use of the expertise of people with learning disabilities themselves, and family carers. But the report is able to summarise an impressive array of the products of many people’s commitment and effort.

This report is a chance to remind ourselves how important it is that we get care right for people with learning disabilities and whose behaviour challenges. Reading through it you will see what looks like a lot of process – legislation, consultation, data collection and the rest - which can seem a long way from the people we are trying to care for. We need to get those processes right in order to get the care right, but we must never forget the real reason we’re doing all of this, which is people. iv. We have set ourselves, and the system, a series of major challenges with this programme. This report sets out how far we have come in a short time, and over a period of major upheaval as the NHS reforms have been implemented. A great many people have worked extremely hard to achieve this. Appendix 1 summarises progress across all the Concordat commitments, and provides links to all the products associated with them.

These provide the springboard for the next phase of the programme.