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What is Witchcraft Abuse?

Safeguarding African Children in the UK Series

Historical evidence shows that mankind, from prehistoric times, has had belief in supernatural entities and powers. The underlying motive has been the quest for man to find answers to unexplained phenomenon and problems including evil in the world, the meaning of human existence and what happens when one dies. Many new communities in the UK today face so many social and economic problems that create a fertile ground for the belief in the influence of evil spirits to flourish. These include, poverty and deprivation, unemployment, lack of success, immigration problems, housing problems, family breakdown, ill health, barrenness and many others. In many instances, the sources of these problems are attributed to children branded as witches. Such children are subjected to many forms of abuse and harm to punish them for their evil deeds, but also in efforts to exorcise them from the evil spirits possessing them. Due to the seriousness of the abuse and harm children branded as witches experience and the long term damage this causes to their overall well-being, we have termed this phenomenon: “Witchcraft Abuse”.