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What good looks like in psychological services for children, young people and their families

Future in Mind was published by the Department of Health in March 2015, heralding a new direction in the provision of services to support the psychological wellbeing and mental health of children, young people and their families. At the same time initiatives were announced by the Department for Education on promoting and supporting mental health in schools.

At the time of writing, CCGs are putting together ‘Transformation Plans’ to bid for a share of new monies coming into children and young people’s mental health systems. One part of the plan needs to address the development of community eating disorder services – the blueprint for what these services need to look like is clearly addressed in the National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health (NCCMH)4 and so is not addressed in detail in this Review. The wider Transformation Plans need to show improved services across the whole child mental health system including Local Authorities, Schools, NHS and Voluntary sectors, and need to be developed with input from the whole system and from children, young people and families. Good improvement plans will address prevention, health promotion, early intervention, support and care, as well as leading to improvements in psychological interventions.

In response to these developments, the Division of Clinical Psychology Faculty for Children, Young People and their Families has produced this Review to provide
much-needed guidance on the provision of good quality psychological services and the roles that clinical psychologists and other psychological practitioners can play in those services.