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What’s going on to Safeguard Children and Young People from Sexual Exploitation?

How local partnerships respond to child sexual exploitation

This research project has explored the extent and nature of the response of LSCBs to the 2009 government guidance on safeguarding children and young people from sexual exploitation.1 Where the guidance is followed, there are examples of developing and innovative practice to protect and support young people and their families and to investigate and prosecute their abusers. However, the research has found that the delivery of that dual approach to child sexual exploitation is far from the norm. There are three areas that cause particular concern:

  • only a quarter of LSCBs in England are implementing the guidance
  • young people, their families and carers receive awareness raising in less than half of the country
  • the prosecution of abusers is rare and, where criminal proceedings take place, young people’s experience of court is intolerable