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We change the world: What can we learn from global social movements for health?

What can we learn from global social movements for health?

The report presents practical insights about how social movements grow. The insights are based on interviews with over 40 people at the heart of global social movements impacting health. We look primarily at four movements - HIV/AIDs, global mental health, disability rights, rare disease - and a diverse set of additional examples are signposted throughout. The report is intended to be of practical value to people starting or growing social movements as well as those desiring to work, understand or interact with them better.

The examples were chosen because they have scaled globally, have impacted on health issues, and are relatively mature and so potentially a great deal can be learned from them. The insights are not prescriptive or formulaic but can serve as a valuable resource and source of inspiration for people and communities eager to make change using the principles of social movements. They can offer inspiration and powerful lessons to people everywhere, including the UK.

Insights around three themes emerged through the research - how social movements get off the ground, who they involve and how they influence through relationships.