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Vulnerable Children in a Digital World

Authors: Adrienne Katz & Dr Aiman El Asam, in partnership with with Internet Matters

Internet Matters wants every child to safely benefit from connected technology. That’s why we were delighted to partner with Youthworks Consulting to turn their academic research into this report. It is not acceptable that vulnerable children who need our help most are not only missing out on opportunities to flourish online but are often experiencing the very worst that the online world can be.

This report takes the conversation on – to challenge and inspire all of us; parents, teachers, frontline service workers and corporate parents to ask better, more nuanced questions, of ourselves and the children and young people in our care. We must have up to date resources for our front-line service workers so that they can better understand the online challenges young people are facing. How much better would it be if they could also help these vulnerable young people use the internet well?

Resolving these challenges is a task bigger than one Internet Matters can take on independently. This is an immensely important piece of work, given the gravity of the situation some of these young people find themselves in and the sheer number of children involved. We welcome the opportunity to work together with a number of expert organisations striving to help vulnerable children flourish online.