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Violence against Women and Girls Crime Report 2011-2012

Violence against women and girls (VAWG)

VAWG continues to be a top priority for the CPS and the government as detailed in the Cross Government VAWG Action Plan, overseen by the VAWG Inter-MinisterialGroup.

Since the introduction of the VAWG Assurance system in January 2011, we have seen a 1.5%1 reduction in VAWG attrition, within which the rape attrition has fallen by 4%. Ten of the 13 Areas improved domestic violence attrition, ten improved rape attrition and seven improved both

Areas are supported by local VAWG coordinators, who provide strategic direction and VAWG Assurance and work with local community groups through Local Scrutiny and Involvement Panels (LSIPs). Assessment of LSIPs and community engagement has provided a range of good practice shared across Areas:

  • All Area LSIPs have addressed VAWG in 2011-12; some addressed honourbased violence (HBV) cases and others ethnicity issues within VAWG cases;
  • A range of VAWG conferences and meetings with victims were held locally;
  • VAWG local bulletins were developed;
  • Satisfaction surveys with domestic violence victims were organised; and
  • Work with women offender programmes addressed previous abuse.