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Unheard Voices:The Sexual Exploitation of Asian Girls and Young Women

The purpose of this pilot study is to uncover the hidden experiences of Asian / Muslim girls and young women so that we may better understand how to suppor t and protect them. It is impor tant to stress that this study is not suggesting that sexual exploitation is more of a problem in Asian and / or Muslim communities. In any case the scope of this research does not enable us to make such propositions. In fact, this research shows that sexual grooming is not about race but about vulnerability, the exploitation of that vulnerability and opportunism.

By raising awareness that Asian / Muslim girls and young women are also victims of sexual exploitation, it is hoped that they will not continue to be overlooked by service providers and suppor t agencies and that their experiences are also taken into account when determining new policies and resources to tackle this issue. It is impor tant that vulnerable girls and young women from all backgrounds are helped and supported.