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UK Justice Policy Review: Volume 2

6 May 2011 to 5 May 2012

This is the second volume in the UK Justice Policy Review series from the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies. UK Justice Policy Review (hereafter Justice Policy Review) explores key criminal justice developments since the formation of the coalition government in May 2010 in the United Kingdom (UK). The series of annual publications provides concise, critical analysis of emerging policy developments and brings this together with robust data about criminal justice for a particular year. This second volume covers the period 6 May 2011 to 5 May 2012.

Justice Policy Review has two main aims. The first is to track notable political and policy debate, major initiatives and interventions and legislative changes over the period of coalition government. Each publication focuses on the key criminal justice institutions of policing, the courts and access to justice and prison and probation, as well as on the significance of changes in the allied welfare system and other relevant areas of social policy. The second aim of the series is to provide reliable, accessible data, exploring trends across the UK in areas such as criminal justice spending, staffing, the population subject to criminal justice sanctions and developments in related social justice areas. These two aims are taken forward in the main sections: Key developments
and Key data. In meeting these aims we hope this series, with its up-to-date analysis and robust data about the criminal justice system, will prove useful to policy makers, practitioners, researchers, and indeed anyone with an interest in the criminal justice system in the UK.