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Two child cap exemption - Statement for Health and Social Work professionals in Scotland

Child Tax/Universal Credit – Two child cap exemption: Statement for Health and Social Work professionals in Scotland

In April 2017 the UK Government introduced a 2 child cap on child tax credit, universal credit and income support. These measures included an exemption for children ‘born as a result of non-consensual conception’ (the so-called ‘rape clause’).

The Scottish Government has made its position clear, that the cap is punitive and unethical, and that there are no circumstances under which a woman should have to disclose she has been raped or subject to coercion and control in order to access welfare benefits.

The UK Government has made provision for claims for exemptions to be certified by certain people including healthcare workers and social workers. We have not been able to ascertain that the UK Government has consulted with any professional body.

We understand that any professional approached to assist with a claim may feel that they are put in a very difficult position and we have been asked to offer some guidance.

SASW was consulted on the guidance, alongside the BMA, RCM, RCN, SWS, SSSC, GMC, COSLA and NHS Health Scotland. The BASW Code of Ethics has been included in the document. 

The guidance has been endorsed by COSLA who are also fundamentally opposed to the UK Government’s policy.

Please distribute this advice to those members of staff who may find themselves being approached to assist with a claim for an exemption to the two child cap.