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Together for Mental Health A Strategy for Mental Health and Wellbeing in Wales

Together for Mental Health sets out our ambitions for improving mental health and our vision for 21st century mental health services. It is the first mental health Strategy for Wales that covers people of all ages. Previously we have had separate strategies for children, for adults of working age and for older people, yet feedback we have had from those using the services is that it is at the points of transition between services that care and treatment can break down. As a result, this Strategy should ensure that transfers between services are based on need and not on artificial age boundaries. It replaces those former age-based strategies and National Service Frameworks (NSFs).

The Strategy reinforces the need to promote better mental wellbeing among the whole population. It addresses the needs of people with mental health problems or a mental illness, ensuring those vulnerable people in most need receive the appropriate priority. It focuses on how to improve the lives of service users and their families using a recovery and enablement approach. It updates current policy, putting the requirements of The Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010 at the heart of what we do. It is committed to person-centred holistic care, engaging in all aspects of a person’s life. For children, it embeds The Rights of Young Children and Young Person’s (Wales) Measure 2011 and consideration of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Together for Mental Health recognises the impact and costs borne by individuals, families, society and the Welsh economy from poor mental health and mental illness. It also recognises the potential broader health and economic gains that can be realised by improving the mental wellbeing of people in Wales.

It was developed through engagement and formal consultation with key partner agencies, stakeholders, service users and carers. In order to ensure the Strategy is having an impact, it is supported by a Delivery Plan setting out the detailed actions for Welsh Government and partner organisations to ensure continued progress. A new National Mental Health Partnership Board (NPB) is being established to oversee delivery of the Strategy.