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Time to listen In care homes: Dignity and nutrition inspection programme 2012: Summary

In 2011, the Care Quality Commission carried out 100 unannounced inspections of NHS hospitals, and found that a fifth of these were failing to meet standards of dignity and nutrition on wards caring for older people. In 2012, we mirrored this programme, but this time looked at the care provided to older people across 500 care homes, including 217 homes registered to provide nursing care. Our inspections focused on respecting and involving people who use services, and meeting their nutritional needs.

Almost two-thirds (316) of the homes we inspected met all the standards we checked. This meant that staff were respecting and involving people and that people’s nutritional needs were being met. To support this, homes had enough skilled and knowledgeable staff, they had taken steps to protect people from the risk of abuse, and they kept accurate records to support people’s care.