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Tackling child sexual exploitation action plan Progress report – July 2012

Child sexual exploitation is a form of child abuse which is complex and can manifest itself in different ways. Essentially it involves children and young people receiving something – for example, accommodation, drugs, gifts or affection – in exchange for sexual activity or having others perform sexual activities on them.

The action plan published in November 2011 sets out the action needed to help prevent child sexual exploitation occurring. Where that is not possible, it contains actions to disrupt the activities of offenders and help victims to cut free from exploitation and recover. The plan also recognises the importance of justice being obtained for victims and their families, with actions to ensure that the processes involved are as supportive to the young people involved as possible.

The action plan was published by the UK Government. The devolved administrations have their own approaches to tackling child sexual exploitation in areas where responsibility is devolved. Many of the policy areas covered by this progress report apply in England only, although others apply across the devolved administrations. The UK Government will continue to work with the devolved administrations where policy responsibilities overlap.

The action plan considers the different aspects of child sexual exploitation from the perspective of the young person. This report sets out the progress being made in relation to the four key themes of the plan:

  • Growing independence – managing the risks
  • Getting out of and combating child sexual exploitation
  • Getting justice for victims and their families
  • Getting help to deal with what has happened and looking to the future