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A Study to Investigate the Barriers to Learning from Serious Case Reviews and Identify ways of Overcoming these Barriers

Research report

Kingston University’s Institute for Child-Centred Interprofessional Practice (ICCIP) was awarded a contract from the Department for Education (DfE) to undertake a small study investigating barriers to learning from Serious Case Reviews (SCRs) in order to identify ways of overcoming these barriers and ensure that any learning is embedded in policy and practice.

The ICCIP Serious Case Review (SCR) multi-disciplinary team are working at national, regional and local levels towards developing an action plan for England on how to enhance and embed learning from serious case reviews more effectively. This report outlines how we engaged with frontline practitioners, partner agencies and other sectors in the process of collection and dissemination of views, opinions and strategies in a changing workforce landscape. It offers identification of emerging themes that indicate why lessons learnt from Serious Case Reviews (SCRs) have not been embedded in policy and practice and provides insights that may inform future policy, procedures and practice across different disciplines, agencies and sectors.