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A Strategy and Action Plan for embedding knowledge in practice in Scotland’s Social Services 2012-15

This strategy and action plan for 2012-15 builds on the solid foundation laid down by the first knowledge strategy for social services – “Sharing knowledge, improving practice, changing lives 2009-11”.

The strategy is relevant to all those with responsibility for, or an interest in, any aspect of Scotland’s social services – how they are delivered and improved and the outcomes that they achieve for people, families and communities. It is of particular relevance for those, and in particular employers, who have a role in building the capacity and capability of the workforce in order to improve practice.

Recognising the increasingly close working of staff across the health and care sectors this strategy is intended to align wherever appropriate and possible with the implementation phase of NHSScotland’s Knowledge into Action Review – supporting multi-agency and cross-professions working and maximising shared use of resources. The strategy is an integral part of the broader set of activity designed to build a social services workforce which is competent, confident and valued.