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Staying put: Developing dementia-friendly care and support for people with a learning disability

It is important to us that all staff know about dementia and learning disability.

This is because dementia is something that can lead to people not being able to talk or even to dress or feed themselves. This can become depressing for some people (who have known the person before they had dementia).

Staff can support people and make a difference in their lives. They can do this just by being there, maybe hold their hand or even recalling events that they have done in the past.

Staff need a better understanding of what dementia is about; they just do. Our friend Alison has dementia and is 50 years old. She is a gem. We tell people about her to help people understand about dementia and learning disability.

This paper explores how best to develop support, services and treatments for the growing number of people with a learning disability and dementia. It builds on earlier work, across the voluntary sector strategic partnership which focuses on dementia support within the context of the protected characteristics defined under the Equality Act 2010.