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State of Children’s Rights in England 2016: Child poverty & Homelessness

The Government’s continued austerity drive and wide ranging cuts to social security through the Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016 continue to have a disproportionate and detrimental impact on already disadvantaged families despite a child’s right to an adequate standard of living. Rising numbers of children living in poverty or who are homeless and living in cramped Bed and Breakfast accommodation past the six week legal limit mean that the Government has regressed in this area of children’s rights.

The UK’s vote to leave the European Union has left the future of the UK economy very uncertain, with many forecasting a recession and despite the Government abandoning plans to achieve a budget surplus by 2020 it is still pursing austerity through fiscal measures. As a result, the right to thrive and have a decent standard of living is likely to be further under threat for many children in England.