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Social Work Reform: A shared responsibility A toolkit for social work students

This tool-kit is for prospective, new and continuing social work students.

You are joining the social work profession at a time of great change and opportunity for improving the quality and status of the profession.

A suite of reforms are now being implemented across England based on the recommendations made by the Social Work Task (SWTF) Force in December 2009 and further developed by the Social Work Reform Board (SWRB).

These reforms affect all areas of social work, including social work education, and have been developed by listening to and working with employers, higher education institutions (HEIs), practitioners, service users and carers, students and researchers over a two year period. This inclusive approach reflects the importance of a range of different people and organisations working together and taking a shared responsibility for making the reforms happen.

Reforms in social work education are being introduced to improve the quality and consistency of courses in preparing students to become competent, effective and confident social workers.