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Social Work Not Paperwork: Cutting Bureaucracy in Childcare Social Work

During discussions with members, in recent months, NIASW found the issue of increasing bureaucracy in childcare was raised as the major ongoing challenge social workers face across all programmes of care. As a key step in supporting our members with this important issue we undertook a survey of childcare social workers to ascertain their views in a more structured way. As well as reporting challenges they face with regards to bureaucracy in childcare we also asked them to identify areas of good practice and offer suggestions for improvement in current systems and processes.

The survey was constructed for electronic completion and sent directly to NIASW members via email. The survey link was also sent to Directors of Social Work, Social Work Leads and First Line Managers in Health and Social Care Trusts with a request that they would circulate amongst staff employed in childcare teams. The survey was also sent to voluntary organisations working primarily with children and families.