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Social Work England Secondary Legislative Framework

Government consultation response

In February, we wrote to encourage everyone with an interest in social work and professional regulation to respond to the consultation on the regulatory framework for Social Work England. Thank you to all of you who took the time to give us your views.

The consultation offered the opportunity to influence the core elements of the regulatory framework for the future regulator of social workers in England, Social Work England, and shape the future of the social work profession. It demonstrated our commitment to working with a wide range of stakeholders, as well as our confidence that the impact of the new regulator will be positive for not only the social work profession, but also the vulnerable adults, children and families with whom social work professionals work. At its heart, social work is a profession that is concerned with promoting social change, individual and collective well-being and challenging social injustice.

There can be no doubt that social work is a highly challenging profession. Our vision is a profession where social workers will be able to benefit from the highest quality initial education and training delivered by experts who ensure graduates are prepared for the challenges of frontline social work; a profession with improved capability through clear expectations about continuing professional development throughout a social worker’s career; and, a profession where frontline practitioners are highly skilled, confident and have strong, supportive supervision and leadership. Establishing Social Work England is a core part of making this vision a reality.

The aim of the regulatory framework, on which we consulted, is to enable Social Work England to operate streamlined, proportionate and efficient systems and processes which adapt to emerging opportunities, challenges and best practice, ensuring professional regulation reflects the changing reality of delivering social work practice safely and effectively – building public trust and confidence in the profession. We are taking clear and practical steps to respond to what both experts, professionals and the sector are saying to us and have engaged extensively with stakeholders throughout the consultation period.