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Social Work Education in the 2016 Academic Year

Information for HEIs and Students

Improving the quality of social work education, maintaining the supply of social workers and ensuring a return for the taxpayer remain high priorities for the Government and the Chief Social Workers. This publication focusses on the number of social work bursaries (SWB) for the 2016 academic year and the Education Support Grant (ESG) rates for the 2016 academic year. In summary:

- The number of whole-time equivalent (WTE) SWB for postgraduate students starting in the 2016 academic year has been set at 1,500;
- The number of WTE SWB for undergraduate students who started in the 2015 academic year has been set at 2,500;
- The arrangements for students applying for SWB is unchanged;
- Information is provided on the inclusion criteria for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to use when shortlisting students and remains unchanged from 2015/16;
- The ESG rates remain the same as 2015/16;
- The arrangements for HEIs applying for the ESG remains unchanged (whether the HEI is part of a Teaching Partnership or not).