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The social work ASYE: A ‘mini-guide’ to the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment

The Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) introduced in September 2012, follows on and takes the best from the two previous newly qualified social worker (NQSW) frameworks introduced in 2008 for children’s services and 2009 for adults’. The new ASYE is one element of the total reform of social work recommended by the Social Work Task Force (SWTF 2009), carried forward to implementation by the Social Work Reform Board (SWRB 2012). It is vital to understand that the ASYE dovetails with other SWRB products and, indeed, without their support and structure (e.g. SWRB 2012a) it will not be able to be implemented effectively. The interaction of the ASYE with other elements of reform will be examined in more detail later. If you are not already fully acquainted with the recommendations and implementation of these social work reforms then the most recent report, Building a safe and confident future: Maintaining Momentum (SWRB 2012), is the place to start.

Skills for Care and the then Children’s Workforce Development Council, who had separately held responsibility for the two NQSW frameworks, were given the task of working together to create a single generic framework for the ASYE. The development of the ASYE progressed in partnership with other organisations holding responsibility for developing and implementing the Social Work Task Force (2009) recommendations, including The College of Social Work (TCSW), universities and employers of social workers.