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Social care: the forthcoming Green Paper on older people (England)

This House of Commons Library briefing paper provides background on the forthcoming Green Paper on social care for older people – there will be a “parallel process” of work looking at social care for working age adults (although it is not clear at this stage if there will be a Green Paper covering this group).

After the announcement in July 2015 postponing the introduction of a cap on social care costs (that an individual should pay over their lifetime) and more generous means-test, in the March 2017 Budget the Conservative Government said that it would publish a Green Paper on social care in order to allow a public consultation to be held.

During the subsequent 2017 General Election campaign, the Conservative Party made a manifesto commitment to introduce the Green Paper, and has since said that it will be published before the 2018 Parliamentary summer recess (the date of which has yet to be announced) – it was originally due to be published during the summer of 2017.

The Government has said that the proposals in Green Paper will seek to “ensure that the care and support system is sustainable in the long term”. The Prime Minister has said that the proposals in the Green Paper will include a lifetime “absolute limit” (i.e. cap) on what people pay for social care, and the Conservative Party’s manifesto also proposed changes to the means-test.

Other topics that the Government have said will be included for consultation include integration with health and other services, carers, workforce, and technological developments. The Government will also consider domestic and international comparisons as part of the preparation for the Green Paper.

This note relates to England.

A list of other Library briefings on social care, including a paper on the Conservative Party’s manifesto commitments on the £100,000 means-test and the cap on lifetime costs, can be found on the last page of this note.