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Shaping healthy cities and economies: The role of clinical commissioning

As chair of the NHS Clinical Commissioners’ Core Cities Network, I am delighted to introduce this report showcasing the important role that local commissioners play in local economies.

England’s urban areas are hubs for jobs and investment while also being home to some of the most deprived areas in the country, making ‘core cities’ – the eight largest cities in England outside London - essential for economic recovery. The complexity of these environments means that clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in core cities must take a broader view and understand how the services they commission can improve not only the health but also the social and economic wellbeing of their populations.

The strength of a local economy depends on the health of its population, making the question of how the NHS, and particularly CCGs, can help drive prosperity an important one. Through a series of case studies, this report provides examples of how clinical commissioners in England’s core cities are helping to drive economic growth and deliver public services in a way that meets local needs.

With examples from Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Nottingham, Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester, we hope that this report provides useful insight that can be reflected elsewhere in the country, and highlights what more can be done to maximise the local clinical commissioner contribution to economic growth.