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Services for people with neurological conditions

Report, together with formal minutes, oral and written evidence

People with neurological conditions need a wide range of services that can cross boundaries between health and social care, employment and benefit services, transport, housing and education. Despite these complex needs, coordination of care for individuals is poor, and there is a lack of integration between health and social services. There is still a lack of neurological expertise, both in hospitals and in the community, and access to services varies widely. Implementation of the Framework lags behind those for cancer and stroke care, even though many neurological conditions severely affect quality of life and cause lifelong disability. Of particular concern is the 32% increase in emergency admissions, and the increased rate of readmissions to hospital within 28 days from 11.2% to 14%, since the introduction of the Framework. Rates are well above those for the NHS as a whole, and represent poor outcomes for people with neurological conditions and poor value for money for the NHS.