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See it, Say it, Change it: Submission to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child from children in England

In February 2015, a group of 22 children – aged seven to 18 from different backgrounds – joined together to work with staff from CRAE. There are nine boys and 13 girls in the group. The group is made up of children from different religions, ethnicities and sexualities from the North, South, East, and West of England. The group also includes disabled children, children who have faced homelessness, those who have grown up in care and children who face discrimination for many other reasons. We are the steering group for the See it, Say it, Change it project!

The aim of the project is to review the state of children’s human rights in England. As part of this we wanted to find out what life is like for children and raise awareness about rights at the same time. Most importantly we wanted to highlight the ways in which children’s rights are not being met and recommend changes that need to be made to the UN Committee and the UK Government. We think a child being able to have a say on how well their rights are being respected is an integral factor contributing to how well a child can live their life.

We have used our diverse range of skills and experiences combined with our determination and enthusiasm to create this report. After we submit this report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in July 2015, we will begin to campaign for change on the issues highlighted in this report. We believe we can make a phenomenal difference for the lives of children in England!