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SASW 2012, February Response to Scottish Government Consultation on Integration of Health and Social Care

SASW members are sceptical about the value of structural change achieving change in how services are delivered at the frontline. This view is based on their experiences of structural changes that have been introduced over the past 40 years. It consumes time and energy that are disproportionate to any perceived outcomes. We would urge the Government to keep structural change to a minimum and concentrate on cultural change – in how we work together across professional disciplines and how we spend the public pound. SASW members would suggest that with people living longer and in their own homes and communities the proportion of public money being spent on acute health services compared with that spent on chronic health services and social care could be realigned to achieve better outcomes for people who use these services. We would also urge the Government to consider the implications of Self-Directed Support and how this will dovetail with these proposals.