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SASW 2012, August Response to Education and Culture Committee Scottish Parliament Inquiry into Decision making on whether children should be taken into care

The Scottish Association of Social Work represents social workers, many offering frontline services throughout Scotland. They work in both rural and urban communities, local government and voluntary sector services and often are the gateway to local government and third sector services. SASW members are daily involved in the direct decision making about whether or not children should be taken into care. It is a highly complex task and will be different for each child as we seek to identify what is in the child’s best interest. Not only do we have to assess and meet the child’s needs, we have to assess and help manage risk and we have to do this in the context of often competing human rights issues for the child, siblings and their parents. Critical to the work is the trust that can be established between all parties to ensure the best interest of the child.

The questions posed by the Committee are difficult to answer in just a few pages as they are complex and each child is considered in their own right. These answers are just a sample of some of our members concerns to the issues raised.