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Safeguarding Early Adopters: Developing the Learning on Multi-agency Safeguarding Arrangements

Interim Report - December 2018

Authors: Caroline Bennett, Amanda Harvey and Keith Clements

The National Children’s Bureau (NCB) is working with the 17 Early Adopters (EA) to draw together the lessons learnt as they develop, test and implement their new Multi-agency Safeguarding Arrangements.

Purpose of the report

In this Interim Report we will seek to share the emerging learning from the programme including:

  • Activity from the NCB programme so far
  • Approaches the EA projects are testing and implementing
  • Early principles for implementation
  • Learning examples from EA projects
  • Next steps and resources

From our initial work with the EA project leads there are a number of themes emerging:

  1. Context
  2. Specific reform areas
  3. Ways of working

We will consider the specific reform areas and ways of working later in this report, but initially it is important to reflect on the different contexts in which each project is working.

Each of the EAs are coming from different starting points, some were further ahead than others before the NCB facilitator programme started. The project leads have reflected that the understanding of roles and responsibilities of individuals and agencies can be different between former LSCB areas (even those coming together into one EA/Multi-agency Safeguarding Arrangement).

EAs have identified that there are strengths from existing arrangements that they are keen to build on, and generally there are positive views about what can be achieved in the new arrangements. Whilst there is some early learning to share, it is important to note that this report is a snapshot of the activity in the programme as at the beginning of December 2018 and we will continue to develop and share leanring and resources in other ways throughout the life of the programme.