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Routine Enquiry about Adverse Childhood Experiences Implementation pack pilot evaluation (final report)

Authors: Zara Quigg, Selina Wallis, Nadia Butler

A wealth of research has highlighted strong associations between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), including child sexual abuse and exploitation (CSAE), and poor health and social outcomes throughout the life course. In England, identifying, addressing and preventing ACEs, in particular CSAE, is high on the political and public agenda. In 2013/14, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust (LCFT) developed a training programme on Routine Enquiry about Adversity in Childhood (REACh) and have since implemented it across various services in England (Box i). As part of a broader suite of work around CSAE, in 2015, UK Government made a commitment to explore the implementation of routine enquiry on childhood adversity (amongst those aged 14+ years) across a range of public services. Subsequently, in 2016 the Department of Health commissioned LCFT to implement a pathfinder project to develop a standalone Implementation Pack to support services in developing, implementing and embedding REACh, and to pilot its use across three services in North West England (pilot sites). In 2017, the Implementation Pack was piloted across a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), drug and alcohol service, and sexual violence support service. This report presents key findings from a study that aimed to describe: the development and piloting of the Implementation Pack; practitioner views of the Implementation Pack; and practitioner (and where possible client) views on REACh.