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A route map to ending hunger as we know it in the United Kingdom

Feeding Britain in 2015-16

Five key reforms outlined in this report are being pursued by a new charitable organisation called Feeding Britain. The organisation’s objective is to enact a comprehensive blueprint for relieving and then preventing hunger in the United Kingdom. Its mission is to ensure everybody in the United Kingdom has the resources and opportunities to obtain sufficient food.

Feeding Britain will act on five priorities for 2016:

- A most immediate intervention to counter hunger will be to encourage all of Britain’s food banks – regardless of their affiliation to any wider organisation – to host trained welfare rights officers, and other appropriate professionals, at each food bank session. Our hope is that the food bank movement should set itself an objective within this model, which we have called Food Bank Plus, of addressing the crises that have led people to be hungry. Feeding Britain will seek to co-ordinate the ongoing expansion and development of a national Food Bank Plus model to cut short the duration of hunger experienced by those individuals and families who have had to ask their local food bank for help. 65% of those helped by a welfare rights officer during their first visit to Birkenhead’s main food bank were able to resolve their problem there and then, meaning they no longer had to rely on emergency food parcels.

- We will work with all those groups who aim to eliminate the destruction of edible food while some of our fellow citizens go hungry.

- A longer term intervention to counter Britain’s vulnerability to hunger is the social supermarket. Britain’s first two social supermarkets, operated by Community Shop, opened in 2013 and 2014. A third is due very shortly to open in Grimsby. As a first step, Feeding Britain is committed to supporting the establishment of at least one social supermarket in each of the 12 regions of the United Kingdom. Feeding Britain has, to date, been unable to secure funding to support this development. We will continue to progress this over the coming year.

- Immediate action is required to abolish hunger amongst children during the school holidays. Feeding Britain will seek ways of building on the work that has been piloted in different parts of the country, to establish year-round School Holiday Food and Fun provision in each region of the United Kingdom. This will enable us to demonstrate the value of programmes with national coverage, but firmly embedded in and driven by local communities, to tackle school holiday hunger.

- A fifth strand of Feeding Britain’s plan of action will be to build up the series of pilot projects that have been working to address hunger in local communities.