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Roles of Alcohol in Intimate Partner Abuse

There is a consistent link between violence and alcohol consumption. Alcohol was reported to be involved in just over 900,000 violent incidents in 2011/12, and has been noted in between 40 and 50% of all violent crimes in England and Wales, (IAS, 2013). Whilst official figures lack specific named offences of intimate partner violence (IPV), alcohol is linked at an even higher rate in offences of intimate partner violence (an estimated figure for Northern Ireland is 59% for domestic violent incidents and 54 % for non-domestic (IAS, 2013). Given that intimate partner abuse is seen to account for almost one quarter of all violent incidents (e.g. British Crime Survey: Home Office, 2002), it is likely that alcohol is implicated in up to 300,000 cases of alcohol-related intimate partner violent incidents per year.