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The role of care homes in end of life care

Briefing 2 - Place and cause of death for permanent and temporary residents of care homes

This is the second of two briefings produced by National End of Life Care Intelligence Network to describe the important role that nursing and residential care homes play in the care of many people at the end of life. Collectively they are referred to as care homes. Each year over 100,000 people die in these settings and approximately 29,000 other people normally resident in a care home die elsewhere.

Care homes provide accommodation and personal care for people who may not be able to live independently either permanently or temporarily. Temporary admission to a care home may occur following discharge from hospital during a terminal illness, when someone needs short term support recuperating from an illness or for a trial period to decide whether they want to live permanently in a care home.

This briefing presents information derived from death registration data concentrating on place and cause of death.