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Review of Drug and Alcohol Commissioning A joint review conducted by Public Health England and the Association of Directors of Public Health

The continuing importance and emphasis attached to improving outcomes for those who require treatment for alcohol or drug use has further intensified following the changes made to commissioning responsibilities in April 2013. A year on, this focus has led to a snapshot review, jointly undertaken by Public Health England and the Association of Directors of Public Health, of commissioning across local authorities in England. The aim has been to identify where there have been changes to commissioning and its impact on outcomes, together with a look at plans for the coming two years.

The review has provided an important opportunity for collaborative working between public health and health and social care across local authorities and Public Health England, together with a chance to assess the developing plans across the sector. It is a testament to the dynamic climate of cooperation and collaboration between organisations and provides a baseline from which local government can develop its sector-led improvement approach, with support from Public Health England, to strengthening the quality of substance misuse services in the coming years.

What has been particularly encouraging is the high level of participation in the review and the enthusiasm of those taking part for sharing their information and experience. In addition, the collective determination to deliver improved outcomes and the level of priority attached to this bode well for the future.