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Module 9: Children in need

Module 9 provides an overview of the Assessment Framework for Children in Need and the underpinning knowledge for each dimension of the framework (child development, parenting capacity, and family and environmental factors).

This module draws on the theme of ‘early help’ as identified in the Munro Review (2011), which emphasises the importance of proving effective support as a problem emerges. Children in need assessments are underpinned by section 17 of the Children Act 1989. You might want to refer to your learning from Module 4: Law as you work through the activities in this module. Some of the activities also focus on extending your communication skills with children in a range of different situations. At this point you might want to draw on some of the play and child friendly approaches identified in Module 7.

The role of family support is contrasted in this module to the child protection social work role identified in Module 8: Safeguarding and corporate parenting. Some early intervention work with families can trigger safeguarding concerns for children so it is important that you remain vigilant to the needs of the child and follow child protection procedures when needed.