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Return to Social Work: Learning Materials

Module 8: Safeguarding and corporate parenting

Module 8 focuses specifically on safeguarding, child protection and the responsibilities of local authorities in corporate parenting. This module is designed to refresh a broad knowledge in relation to safeguarding responsibilities and in improving outcomes for looked after children. The module covers the different stages of child protection enquiries, how learning can be gained from serious case reviews (SCRs) and the principles of an effective child protection system. It also highlights some of the poor outcomes for looked after children, explores the care planning process and focuses on the importance of seeking children's views.

It is important that as a returning social worker you also familiarise yourself with agency procedure and policies for both safeguarding and looked after children as part of your shadowing experience and/or induction programme.

Studying the this module will build on some of the resources introduced in earlier modules, including an awareness of the law that underpins the statutory duties of local authorities to safeguard and protect children (see Module 4) and the importance of anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice in building professional relationships and in assessments (see Module 5). This module also revisits the influence of the Munro Review (2011) into child protection and Family Justice Review (2011) in shaping current policy and practice around meeting the needs of vulnerable children. Module 8 also provides the opportunity to continue to build and consolidate your skills in communicating with children through case study activities.