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Results of survey of views of BASW members re ASYE

There were 182 respondents to the questionnaire which was sent out in early March 2013.

The survey was conducted to see if the anecdotal views that were being fed into BASW by members matched the views of respondents.

In summary the findings based on the survey are as follows: (Please see the charts below for more detail)

  • A lot of respondents not that familiar with ASYE
  • There were a range of respondents in terms of roles – the largest group being students, the rest a mixture of NQSWs who working in social care, or in social work. a substantial number of team managers
  • Of those in employment the largest group work in children and families
  • Majority didn’t know if ASYE linked into university
  • Vast majority didn’t know that you can do ASYE if not in a statutory social work post
  • The majority didn’t know that funding available